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Quirk's History

For 25 years Quirk's Marketing Research Review has been providing practical applications in marketing research. Our mission is to be the marketing research information source for those that conduct, coordinate and purchase research product and services.

How we got started...

Before starting Quirk's Marketing Research Review in 1986, Tom Quirk worked in the marketing research field for more than 20 years, including stints on both the client side (as director of research for Miller Publishing Co., Minneapolis) and the provider side (he started Miller Research in Minneapolis in 1969 and Rockwood Research in St. Paul in 1983).

His years in the industry convinced him there was a need for a publication that allowed providers of marketing research to promote their products, services and facilities to a targeted audience of marketing professionals with research buying authority. At the same time, to help research buyers, the publication should explain research trends and techniques in a simple and straightforward manner while promoting the value of marketing research. In addition he saw a need for a comprehensive, accurate and timely directory of research providers.

So, in October 1986 Quirk's Marketing Research Review was launched.

The first issue contained 36 pages and six articles. Now, over 250 issues later, Quirk's has provided thousands of case histories, discussion of technique articles and data use columns. The average issue contains over 100 pages and is printed in full color on glossy paper.

In addition to regular editorial, we publish (in print and online) six of the most complete and accurate specialty directories of research providers, not to mention the Researcher SourceBook™, which lists over 7,100 companies worldwide. It is the most complete market research directory in the world.

Today we mail to over 17,000 subscribers in dozens of countries and have 6,500 subscribers to the monthly digital edition. We also have over 19,000 e-newsletter readers and our Web site (launched in 1996 and designed to provide additional services and information) attracts 65,000+ vistors per month.

With all this growth, the Quirk's mission has remained the same: promote the use, understanding and value of marketing research to those that conduct, coordinate, and purchase research.