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E-Newsletter Advertising

Quirk’s e-newsletter keeps marketing research professionals on top of their game by giving them quick and easy-to-read information on a monthly basis. The e-newsletter offers an unparalleled way to get directly into the in-box of more than 46,000 qualified research professionals.

Quirk’s e-newsletter has a controlled, qualified subscriber base composed of both U.S. and foreign members. Additionally, our opt-in process is 100 percent confirmed direct request, which means members request to receive information from Quirk’s. Likewise we have a one-click opt-out option to ensure that we consistently deliver to an audience that is actively seeking and willing to receive the newsletter.

Total Circulation: 46,919*
Corporate Researchers (Client Side): 43.1%
Research Company: 56.9%

Existing Print  Magazine Subscribers: 42.0%
E-Newsletter Subscribers Only: 58.0%

U.S.A.: 64.1%
International: 35.9%

Frequency: Twice Monthly

* Based on total deliverable circulation as of March 2016.

E-Newsletter Mailing Dates

Month First Monthly Mailing Second Mailing
 January  January 11  January 25
 February  February 8  February 22
 March  March 7  March 21
 April  April 11  April 25
 May  May 9  May 23
 June  June 6  June 20
 July  July 11  July 25
 August  August 8  August 22
 September  September 12  September 26
 October  October 10  October 24
 November  November 7  November 21
 December  December 5 December 19

E-Newsletter Ad Rates

Position Size (Pixels) Price 
 Top Position  400 w X 140 h  $1,500
 Interior Positions  400 w X 140 h  $   950

E-Newsletter Ad Specifications

 Format: JPEG or GIF format artwork.
 Animation: Please do not submit animated ads for the e-newsletter (Since 2007 Internet Explorer will not display animation)

400w x 140h pixels

 File Size:  Image should be no larger than 40k. If saving in GIF format make sure files are saved at no higher than 5-bit with dither set to none. This will ensure optimal download speed.
 URL:  Any URLs referenced from within the HTML must be active.


Free Design Service for E-newsletter Ads

In order to make e-newsletter advertising as easy as possible, we offer all advertisers free design services. Our designers can make your ad coordinate with your brand image and Web site. Simply supply us with your ad copy, your Web address and any other graphics you want incorporated and our designers will do the rest.

For more information contact an advertising sales representative at 651-379-6200 or


Digital Edition Sponsorship

The first week of each month we mail an interactive digital version of our magazine to more than 46,000 qualified marketing research professionals (26,000 of whom don’t receive the print edition). As part of the mailing, we allow one company to have exclusive sponsorship of the edition. The sponsor receives two ads in the e-mail accompanying the digital edition and a full-page ad on the opening presentation page of the issue as well. Exclusive digital sponsorship is $2,950.

What Our E-Newsletter Readers Are Saying:

"I always make time for Quirk's. Lately, I have especially enjoyed receiving the e-newsletter. Great variety of individual experiences and humor!"

"I love how lively your communications and content are."

"Your magazines and e-newsletters are fantastic resources for me.

“Your articles are relevant and interesting without being self-serving. What I find in the blogs and communities are companies simply promoting themselves.”

“I enjoy getting Quirks both via e-mail and snail mail.”

"Quirks is really good. Read it all the time."

“Just wanted to let you know I love your e-newsletter...informative and very entertaining and fun."

"Great E-newsletter; keep up the good work!"

"I love your magazine and e-newsletter"

"Quirk's is a must read."