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Directories of Market Research Companies

Information About Getting Listed

Quirk’s publishes seven marketing research supplier directories, which have become the industry’s most relied-upon sources for locating research product and service providers. These directories have more company listings than any other, reach the largest audience of research buyers and are available on the most platforms.

  • Researcher SourceBook TM  -- The SourceBook is the most complete global directory of market research companies. The directory contains listing nearly 7,000 market research companies and marketing research product and service firms and is searchable by more than 500 different research services and industries of specialization. A print and Digital PDF version is published each September.

Specialty Directories

Companies that provide appropriate research services can be included in any of our six specialty directories. These highly focused directories let research companies highlight specific types of facilities, products and services.

  • Directory of Market Research Software  -- The directory of market research software lists 350+ software titles in dozens of categories from more than 100 software companies. The directory is included in the February magazine (print and digital editions).
  • Directory of Telephone Interviewing Facilities -- This directory of 800+ permanent facilities dedicated to telephone interviewing is published each April. Every telephone interviewing facility listing contains detailed facility information. 
  • Directory of Focus Group Moderators -- The focus group moderator (qualitative consultants) directory lists more than 1,100+ focus group moderators.  The directory is included as part of the May magazine.
  • Directory of Market Research Panels -- Our directory of market research panels lists more than 150 market research companies that offer research panels. Panels are categorized into more than 100 audience types.  The directory is included in the November issue.
  • Directory of Focus Group Facilities -- The December magazine includes a detailed global directory of 1,000+ focus group facilities (viewing facilities). An app for the directory is also available.
  • Directory of Mystery Shopping Companies  -- The directory of 350+ mystery shopping (secret shopping) companies is published on online only. Every mystery shopping company listing contains detailed information about shopping services offered.


Both free and expanded listings are available in each directory. Enhancement features vary depending on the directory, but can include logo, description, research capabilities, industry/audience specialization, language capabilities, facility features, pictures and video. Expanded listings generate more traffic due to their greater accessibility and higher ranking in search results.

For information about getting listed in any of our directories contact Ilana Benusa at or 651-379-6200 ext. 213.

What Surveys Are Saying About Quirk's

According to The 2009 GreenBook Research Industry Trend Report Quirk’s was once again the No. 1 source researchers use to locate providers, beating the other sources by more than 8%, including The Greenbook’s own marketing research directory.

Likewise, survey results from Next Gen Market Research, an independent, non-profit professional networking group for market researchers, ranked Quirk’s as the top market research publication—by a margin of more than 25%.The survey also found was one of the favorite business Web sites, right after and LinkedIn.