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Magazine Advertising Rates (includes print and digital editions)

Display Ad Rates

1x 3x 6x 12x
 Black & White $2,535 $2,355 $2,175 $2,030
 Two-Color $2,940 $2,760 $2,580 $2,430
 Four-Color $3,460 $3,275 $3,100 $2,950
2/3 PAGE
 Black & White $1,895 $1,790 $1,630 $1,515
 Two-Color $2,265 $2,130 $2,000 $1,885
 Four-Color $2,745 $2,610 $2,480 $2,370
 Black & White $1,650 $1,535 $1,425 $1,320
 Two-Color $2,015 $1,895 $1,785 $1,685
 Four-Color $2,485 $2,370 $2,255 $2,150
 Black & White $1,495 $1,390 $1,285 $1,220
 Two-Color $1,850 $1,745 $1,640 $1,580
 Four-Color $2,310 $2,205 $2,100 $2,050

1/3 PAGE


 Black & White $1,220 $1,135 $1,050 $975
 Two-Color $1,575 $1,490 $1,405 $1,330
 Four-Color $2,035 $1,950 $1,865 $1,790
1/4 PAGE 





Black & White $1,025 $955 $880 $820
Two-Color $1,380 $1,310 $1,235 $1,175
Four-Color $1,840 $1,770 $1,695 $1,635
 Black & White $920 $855 $790 $735
 Two-Color $1,265 $1,200 $1,135 $1,080
 Four-Color $1,670 $1,605 $1,540 $1,485
1/8 PAGE
 Black & White $830 $770 $715 $665
 Two-Color $1,175 $1,115 $1,060 $1,010
 Four-Color $1,580 $1,520 $1,465 $1,415


Premium Positions

1x 3x 6x 12x
 Inside Front Cover (Four-color) $4,495 $4,260 $4,030 $3,835
 Inside Back Cover (Four-color) $3,805 $3,605 $3,410 $3,245
 Back Cover (Four-color) $4,495 $4,260 $4,030 $3,835
 Two Page Spread (Four-color) $6,225 $5,905 $5,590 $5,315
 Half Page Spread  (Four-color) $4,475 $4,275 $4,070 $3,895

All premium positions are on a first-come, first-served basis. Premium position and spread pricing is for four-color. Premium position pricing for the September Researcher SourceBookTM differs. Specific page placement within the magazine is also available at a premium. Contact Quirk's advertising sales department for details.

Discounts and Payment

• A 15% discount on space and color will be earned on display ads for electronic files submitted within our specifications. Gross rate will apply to ads which need alterations or reformatting. (see ad specifications for acceptable formats).

• Net due within 30 days of billing to receive discount.

• Ad creation services available

• New advertisers will be required to prepay for their first two ads upfront.

• Ad creation services available

General Rate Policy

Frequency discounts are available and are based on the number of insertions run within a 12-month period from the date of first insertion. Any advertiser who does not fulfill a contract will be subject to short rates. Ad contracts may be cancelled provided notice is given before the closing date. Credits and rebates are earned by increasing frequency during a contract. Orders subject to rate change upon 90 days notice from publisher.

• Publisher reserves the right to hold the advertising agency and the advertiser jointly and severally liable for payments due the publisher. In the event that an advertiser has paid the agency, the advertiser is fully responsible for paying all invoices due the publisher.

• Advertising rates, terms and conditions set forth in this rate card shall govern all transactions and supersede any other information published in previous rate cards, directories, media guides or rate and data services. Uniform rates apply to all advertisers at all times.

• Neither the advertiser nor its agency may cancel advertising after the issue closing date. When change of copy is not received by closing date, copy furnished or run in previous issue will be printed.

• The publisher shall not be subject to any liability whatsoever for any failure to publish or circulate all or any part of any issue due to strikes, work stoppages, accidents, fires, acts of God, or any circumstance not within the control of the publisher.

• In the event of an error in the printing of a display advertisement, the publisher will re-run the correct version of the same ad material in the next available issue published.

• Publisher’s liability for any error will not exceed the cost of the advertisement’s space.

• Publisher reserves the right to add the word “Advertisement” to or reject advertising that simulates editorial.  


What Our Advertisers Are Saying:

"We appreciate the fact that you offer an affordable way for companies to market and list themselves."

“I am advertising with Quirk’s exclusively from this day forward.”

“Quirk’s is our primary and preferred advertising resource.  You are #1 without a doubt!”“I am a big fan of your magazine.”

"The SourceBook keeps paying off."

“During my 25 years in the research industry I have been a believer in your publication. My experience has been that up to 75% of RFPs have come through Quirk’s.”

“We really value Quirk’s”

"I have always had a high ROI on the ad dollars I spend with [Quirk's]."

“Quirk’s is mentioned by our prospects more than any other source”

"We are focusing more marketing efforts into fewer areas -- only those that have a return on investment and our clients always mention they saw us in Quirk's"


What Our Readers Are Saying:

“I enjoy getting Quirks both via e-mail and snail mail.”

“I like the electronic issue.  I actually glance at a few things as soon as I receive it.  Then when I receive the paper copy, I read it cover to cover.”

“Quirk’s Rocks! I use it to stay current on all research topics.”

"Great E-newsletter; keep up the good work!"

"I love your magazine and e-newsletter"

"Quirk's is a must read."

“Quirk’s is always a must read, thanks for keeping the industry fresh.”

“As a senior researcher I have really enjoyed Quirk’s for years. I’m looking forward to accessing it online.”

“Love getting the hard copy of your magazine still.”

“Thanks for what Quirk’s does for the market research industry. “

“Love what you do in your magazine.”