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Magazine Reader Profile

Quirk's Marketing Research Review has a tightly controlled circulation targeted to buyers of marketing research services. The magazine is produced in a print version (mailed to 15,003) and an electronic version (mailed to 50,438+).

Our subscriber list includes 22,000+ qualified buyers of marketing research products and services at thousands of U.S. and international companies and organizations.

An additional 25,000+ copies are sent to providers of commercial research services, all of whom use field services.

The majority of readers hold research and/or marketing titles, but we also reach corporate development, advertising and executive personnel with research purchasing responsibility.

Reader Profile

As of October 1, 2014

Geographic breakdown
USA 67.1%
International (155 Countries) 32.9%
Job Title
Research Titles 44.2%
Executive Titles 25.6%
Marketing Titles 13.0%
Account Managers   5.3%
Development   3.9%
Managers/Other   8.0%

Client Side (Corporate Research): 22,037

The following tables are based on responses from 4,414 subscription forms (multiple answers accepted).

Areas of Research involvement
Consumer, Non-Durable 43.1%
Consumer, Durable 30.3%
Services (banks, insurance, etc.) 43.3%
Business-to-Business 47.7%
Health Care 27.8%

The following tables are based on responses from 4,751 subscription forms (multiple answers accepted).

Types of Products/Services Purchased
Full Service 57.5%
Desktop (Secondary) 40.9%
Syndicated Studies 44.4%
Multiclient Studies 22.7%
Omnibus Studies 27.3%
Panels 41.6%
Focus Group Moderating 52.0%
Field Services Used
Personal Interviewing 39.7%
Telephone Interviewing 48.0%
Mail Surveys/Lists 36.9%
Mall Intercepts 15.7%
Focus Group Recruiting/Facilities 58.3%
Data Processing & Software Used
Data Processing Services 29.5%
Statistical Analysis 48.1%
Software Packages 29.3%
Online Interviewing 66.4%

Provider Side (Research Companies): 25,999

The following tables are based on responses from 4,605 subscription forms (multiple answers accepted).

Types of Products/Services Purchased
Desktop (Secondary) 20.8%
Panels 43.8%
Focus Group Moderating 43.7%
Field Services Used
Personal Interviewing 44.9%
Telephone Interviewing 55.3%
Mail Surveys/Lists 33.3%
Mall Intercepts 24.3%
Focus Group Recruiting/Facilities 54.5%
Data Processing/Software Used
Data Processing Services 35.9%
Statistical Analysis 41.9%
Software Packages 26.8%
Online Interviewing 59.0%

What Our Readers Are Saying:

“Your articles are relevant and interesting without being self-serving. What I find in the blogs and communities are companies simply promoting themselves.”

"I like your site -- and your directory -- and also your magazine.
Thanks for doing what you do!

"We see your magazine as the bible of sorts for market researchers."

“Many thanks for an outstanding publication.  I recommend it to everyone on my staff as a great source of continuing education and staying connected in the field.”

“You have a highly informative magazine and wonderful Website.”

"I enjoy your articles, laugh at the War stories and pass along items of interest for other parts of our organization. I have learned a lot from reading Quirk's from cover to cover."

“I enjoy getting Quirks both via e-mail and snail mail.”

“I like the electronic issue.  I actually glance at a few things as soon as I receive it.  Then when I receive the paper copy, I read it cover to cover.”

“Quirk’s Rocks! I use it to stay current on all research topics.”

"I subscribe to many magazines, but there are few I read regularly and yours is one. I find the editorial content interesting, timely, useful and relevant. I find the advertisers to be relevant as well. I suppose that's what demographic profiling is all about!"

“Quirk’s is always a must read, thanks for keeping the industry fresh.”

“As a senior researcher I have really enjoyed Quirk’s for years. I’m looking forward to accessing it online.”

“Love getting the hard copy of your magazine still.”

“Thanks for what Quirk’s does for the market research industry. “

“Your publication is one of the best we have ever received.”

"Great E-newsletter; keep up the good work!"

"I love your magazine and e-newsletter"

"Quirk's is a must read."

"I love how lively your Communications and content are."

"We absolutely love your publication and the insights it provides us."