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Magazine Ad File Specifications

The specifications for magazine advertising in Quirk's Marketing Research Review are listed below.  Please contact our production department if you have any questions.

Magazine Advertising Specifications

Print and digital types: Web offset, Digital PDF and Interactive digital edition
Trim size: 8" x 10.875", 2 or 3 column
Bleed: 1/8" (.125") on all sides that bleed
Binding: Saddle stitched for most issues
Colors: Standard AAAA; Matched color; Four color process
Stock (for print edition): Cover: 100 lb. coated; Inside: 45 lb. coated
Preferred Ad File Format: High-resolution Adobe Acrobat PDF with fonts embedded

Magazine Advertising Dimensions

  Width Height
Two-page Spread w/Full Bleed 16.25" 11.25"
Two-page Spread 15" 10"
Full-Page w/Full Bleed 8.25" 11.125"
Full Page 7" 10"
2/3 Page 4.563" 10"
1/2 Page Island 4.563" 7.5"
1/2 Page (horizontal) 7" 4.875"
1/3 Page 4.563" 4.875"
1/3 Page (vertical) 2.188" 10"
1/4 Page 4.563" 3.5"
1/4 Page (vertical) 2.188" 7.5"
1/4 Page (horizontal) 7" 2.375"
1/6 Page (vertical) 2.188" 4.875"
1/6 Page (horizontal) 4.563" 2.375"
1/8 Page (vertical) 2.188" 3.375"
Classified 3.375" Varies


PDF Requirements -- Preferred Format

We strongly recommend all ad files to be PDF/X-1a:2001 compliant. All scanned images must be high-resolution (300 dpi), CMYK (no spot colors, RGB, LAB, or ICC color profiles), and saved in TIFF or EPS format. All fonts must be included or embedded and be Type 1 or 3 (no Truetype). File to contain only one page or one spread. All required trapping should be done prior to creating the file. Crop marks and registration marks are only required for ads that bleed. They are not needed for fractional ads.

Other Acceptable Formats

Quark Xpress
We can still accept Quark Xpress (7 or earlier) documents under the following conditions: Do not save as an EPS and then place the EPS into your Quark file, we will not be able to output. Spot colors must be converted into CMYK process for output. Please use the “Collect for Output” feature in the menu in Quark. It will copy all the files needed for printing into one folder and give you a report with a list of all fonts needed.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
We can accept Photoshop (CS4 or earlier), Illustrator (CS4 or earlier) and InDesign (CS4 or earlier) provided all fonts are embedded or outlined, all images are 300 dpi and the file is CMYK.

Unacceptable Formats

We can not accept files in the following formats under any condition: Microsoft Publisher; any word processing software; any presentation software such as PowerPoint. Please create high-resolution PDFs from these file formats.

Color Proofs

Advertisements supplied to Quirk’s without an acceptable color proof will be printed to SWOP standards. The printer and/or publisher cannot be held liable for color complaints when files are submitted without an acceptable color proof.


Media File Upload