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Marketing Research Articles


Search our archive of more than 4,000 market research and marketing research-related articles, case studies and white papers. 

Click on any link below to go directly to marketing research articles related to the corresponding category or use our multi-parameter advanced search.

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Search Hints

  • Although the article database contains all articles since 1986, only subscribers to Quirk's Marketing Research Review magazine have access to the most current 3 years.
  • We've coded all our articles by the industry they feature and/or the research topic they cover. It is the easiest way to find an article relating to specific types of marketing research.
  • If you're looking for a specific article from Quirk's, the easiest way to search is by Title or Author. You can narrow your search further by specifying the month or year the article appeared.
  • When conducting a Title search don't necessarily type in full exact title. Part of the title will often be enough.