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Marketing Research Articles Related to Home-Use Tests

Marketing Research Articles Related to Home-Use Tests

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Regaining a foothold

December 1990
Joseph Rydholm, Quirk's Editor
Spreckels Sugar Company conducted one-on-one interviews with a cross-section of both light and heavy users of sugar to delve into their attitudes and behavior towards sugar. It then developed product concepts based on this input and tested them in a second round of one-on-ones. Mock-ups of new packaging concepts were then subjected to in-home use tests. During test-marketing, survey cards were distributed to get reactions from consumers in the marketplace.

How culture helps marketers understand sensory experiences

November 2009
Michael P. Cook and Hy Mariampolski
To learn more about the role of scent, flavor and ritual in the preparation and consumption of chicken for its TasteEssentials program, Swiss sensory firm Givaudan conducted ethnographic research in China.

Ethnography tracks the migration of technology into the American kitchen

May 2010
Maren Elwood
For many Americans, a kitchen is no longer just a place for making meals. The author’s ongoing study has seen it morph into a HIVE, a highly interactive virtual environment that incorporates food preparation along with checking e-mail, surfing the Web and a host of other tech-related activities.


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