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Directories of Market Research Companies, Services, Moderators, Facilities, Software, Associations, Universities and More

Welcome to Marketing Research Directory Index -- A comprehensive set of directories of market research and market research related companies and facilities. Please help us keep this a valuable resource by telling companies you find here that you found them on

Search for market research companies, focus group facilities, moderators, software, mystery shopping firms and more - see detailed descriptions, services offered, contact information.


  The Researcher SourceBook

  The Sourcebook is the most comprehensive directory of market research and marketing research companies from around the world, listing over 7,100 locations. Our powerful search allows you to combine multiple search criteria to locate the exact firm for your project.  
  Search by Research Services:
Ad Research | Ethnography | Mall Facilities
Online Interviewing | Product Testing
Qualitative | Recruiting | Taste Tests
...and many, many more 
Search by Industries and Audiences
Automotive | Business-To-Business | Consumers
Financial | Health Care | Hispanic | Medical
Pharmaceutical | Telecommunications
...and many, many more 
  In order to provide even more detailed information about the most popular research services, products and facilities, we also publish numerous sub-directories of the SourceBook. These directories have specialized search pages and provide detailed information about the corresponding service.   


  Find Focus Group Facilities

  Find Focus Group Moderators

  Search by Facility Location:
USA | Canada | International

Search by Facility Features:
Mall Locations | Auditoriums | Client Lounges
Multipurpose Rooms | Conference Rooms
One-On-One Rooms | Product Testing Labs
Test Kitchens | Computer Usability Labs
Videoconferencing | Webconferencing
  Search by Moderator Location:
USA | Canada | International

Search by Moderators Specializing in:
Advertising | Beverage | Confectionery
Computers | Cosmetics | Foods | Hispanic
Media | Medical | Packaged Goods
Pharmaceutical | Physicians | Restaurants
…and many, many more 


  Find Telephone Facilities

  Find Mystery Shopping Companies


Search by Telephone Facility Location:
USA | Canada | International

Find Telephone Facilities With:
CATI Stations | On-Site Monitoring | Off-site Monitoring

  Search by Region to be Shopped 
USA | Canada | International

Search by Industry of Specialization:
Business | Entertainment | Financial
Healthcare | Hospitality | Retail | …& more

Search by Shopping Services Offered:
Recorded Shops | Competitor Shops
Incentive Programs | Integrity Audits
Merchandising/Price Audits | Online Reporting


  Find Market Research Software

  Find Research Panels

  Search by Operating System
Mac | Unix | Linux | Windows | Web Based

Search by Software Type
CATI | CAPI | CASI | Online Interviewing
Paper-Based Survey | Integrated Interviewing
Field Management | Focus Group Mgmt.
Statistical Analysis | Tabulation
…and many, many more 
  Search by Panel Type:
Mail Panel | Online Panel | Telephone Panel

Search by Panel Audience:
African-American | Air Travelers | Children
College Students | Consumers | Executives
Hispanics | Gay & Lesbian | Lawyers
Mothers | Parents | Physicians | Seniors
…and many, many more 


   Find Degree Programs in
   Marketing Research

  Find Market Research

  Search by University Location:
USA | Canada | International | Online

Search by Degree Offered:
Certificate | B.A. | B.S. | M.B.A. | Masters | Ph.D.
  Search for Associations by:
Association Name | Keyword | Focus