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Voccii, LLC

Voccii, LLC

Company Address:
15105-D John J Delaney Drive
Suite 325
Charlotte, NC 28277
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Customer Contact

Gayle Ireland, Principal

Company Description

Voccii is a market insights, research and brand consultancy combining the best of research and strategic expertise. With 50+ years of experience, Voccii goes beyond the "what" to illuminate "what to do about it" through solid, creative research packaged with extraordinary strategic thinking. We bring senior-level expertise in qual and quant approaches. Voccii has deep experience in brand assessment, product and brand launch, packaging testing, consumer and B2B. We bring the voice of the market to companies so they can find their own voice with customers, communities and their constituents..

Research Services
  • Brand/Image Development
  • Business-To-Business Research
  • Consumer Research
  • Focus Group-Moderating
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research


Moderators on Staff

Gayle Ireland, 300+ sessions, since 1999

Company Description

Exceptional qualitative research from senior practitioners. Voccii is a market insights, research and brand consultancy combining the best of research and strategic expertise. We bring over 50 years of moderating and qualitative research experience and leverage our depth from many industries, regional to global in scope, B2B and B2C, to provide exceptional and strategic insights from a variety of qualitative research techniques—focus groups, online groups, shop-alongs, in-depth interviews and executive interviews. Voccii brings the voice of the customer through unparalleled research results.

Industries, Markets and Audiences
  • Business-To-Business
  • Consumers
  • Home Improvement/DIY
  • Household Products/Services
  • Packaged Goods
  • Parents
Moderator Languages Spoken
  • English

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