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Behavior Research Center

Company Address:
45 E. Monterey Way
P.O. Box 13178
Phoenix, AZ 85002-3178
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Customer Contact

Jim Haynes, President
Earl de Berge, Research Director

Company Description

Established in 1965, Behavior Research Center works with national, regional and state clients. The team of professionals in our research division offers the best in design and analysis services using a spectrum of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Our field and focus division provides quality data collection both for our own projects and as a field contractor, both via telephone using predictive dialing and 35 CATI stations and via a multi-state network for face-to-face intercept interviewing. We also offer automated calls for GOTV, meeting reminders, membership contacts, etc. Specialties include: Hispanic/Latino, with complete bilingual services (U.S., Mexico and Central America); B2B and executive studies; interviewing of difficult-to-reach and low-incidence populations. Focus services: ethical recruiting, no repeat respondents; experienced bilingual hosts and moderators, simultaneous translators available in the Southwest’s top center for market testing.

Research Services
  • Consumer Research
  • Marketing Research-Full Service
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research

Phone Facility

Customer Contact

Earl de Berge, Research Director

Company Description

BRC Field & Focus Services has 45 years of experience providing a full spectrum of high-quality telephone data collection services throughout the U.S. and Latin America. BRC has predictive dialing, 32 CATI stations with ACS WinQuery 11.0 (fully backwards compatible), remote monitoring and 40% of our carefully-trained interviewers are skilled in both English and Spanish. Specialities include Latino, executive, B2B, medically-at-risk populations, Native Americans, low-incidence. Network of face-to-face interviews across the western U.S. Expert professional design, processing, analysis services also available.

Number of interviewing stations: 32

Number of stations using computer-aided interviewing (CATI): 32

Number of stations monitored on-site: 32

Number of stations monitored off-site: 32

Languages Spoken
  • English
  • Spanish

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