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Focus Group Moderator Directory


Find a focus group moderator for your next project by searching 1100+ listings of focus group moderators (Qualitative moderators).  Narrow your search by using any of the following criteria.  To find focus group facilities click here .

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Advanced Search


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Search Hints

  • You must select at least one field to conduct a search.
  • When conducting a search by company name don't necessarily type in the full exact name - an abbreviated version or keyword will often be enough.
  • The geographic search fields represent where the moderator's office is located. Moderators generally travel for assignments so use the geographic search sparingly.
  • Enhanced listings are those that contain a logo, descriptive write-up, multiple moderator names, and/or a list of industries of specialization.
  • To list your research organization in this directory and/or our other directories visit our directory information page.