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Company Address:
720 S. Colorado Blvd.
Suite 500 N.
Denver, CO 80246
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Customer Contact

Jennifer Drolet, Managing Partner
Adam Rossow, Partner, Head of Marketing

Company Description

iModerate is a progressive insight agency that helps brands move beyond the superficial to reveal hidden consumer truths. We pair powerful cognitive psychology techniques with the latest research methods to help brands identify nuanced intelligence to revolutionize their thinking and give them an edge. Over 12 years, iModerate has conducted over 200,000 conversations, analyzed vast amounts of consumer commentary, and helped clients discover how consumers think about and experience their brand. iModerate’s team of consumer investigators surfaces impressions and emotions that might easily slip by unnoticed and result in lost opportunities. Armed with this uncommon knowledge, iModerate empowers brands to take proof-based action that evolves businesses and transforms brands.

Research Services
  • Focus Group-Bulletin Board
  • One-on-One (Depth) Interviews
  • Online Research Consultation
  • Qualitative Research
  • Text Analytics
  • Tracking Research

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