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Clipstream® Survey

Div. of Destiny Media Technologies

Company Address:
650 W. Georgia St., Suite 750
PO Box 11527
Vancouver, BC V6B 4N7
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Customer Contact

John Pillsbury, Director


Customer Contact

John Pillsbury, Business Development Director

Company Description

Clipstream® Survey software and services allows the delivery of secure, pre-released and sensitive video, audio, image and text content; reduces dropout rates; and minimizes suspends. Clipstream® Survey video format will play on most computers, smart Phones, tablets, internet TV's and E-book readers. With no players to download or install and native support from all modern browsers, Clipstream® Survey video encoded content will have the highest play rates. Clipstream® content can easily be secured from unauthorized viewing or duplication to unauthorized domains; and protects content with Dynamic Watermarking of respondents ID.

Marketing Research Software Titles
  • Clipstream® Video Cloud

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