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Panel Direct

Company Address:
950 West Valley Road, Suite 2700
Wayne, PA 19087
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Customer Contact

Kim Harrison, CEO


Customer Contact

Kim Harrison, CEO

Company Description

Panel Direct provides high-quality B2B, B2C, patients and medical professional panelists for all types of research since 2003. Our double-opt-in panel is the first choice for all U.S.-based studies where targeting and robust responses are a key element of the research. Providing high-value audiences, we collect hundreds of data points and get right to the perfect research participant with speed and accuracy. Panel Direct offers unique services including mixed-mode panel recruitment, physical-address validation, dedicated project management and high-quality sample.

Panel Titles and Features
Panel Direct (Focus Forward) Online Panel Size: 400,000 Panel Type: Online

This firm offers proprietary (client specific) panel management services

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