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AIP Corporation

AIP Corporation

Company Address:
Rakuten Crimson House
1-14-1 Tamagawa
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0094
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Customer Contact

Adam Birss, VP, Global Sales

Company Description

AIP Corporation is the Tokyo based provider of Proprietary Online Panels for Market Research Data Collection covering Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Australia and the Philippines. Other services include: a twice monthly Omnibus, custom communities, IHUTs, online FGs, programming, hosting and more. We are experts at mixed methodology data collection. Through our international partnerships, we offer global coverage. AIP maintains fully staffed offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New Delhi, New York, Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore.

Research Services
  • Business-To-Business Research
  • Consumer Research
  • International Research
  • Panels-Online
  • Quantitative Research

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