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Snap Surveys, Ltd.

Company Address:
4-5 Mead Court, Cooper Road
Thornbury, Bristol BS35 3UW
United Kingdom
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Customer Contact

Marianne Witts, Sales Director

Company Description

Our software and services enable customers to seamlessly set up, manage and report on online, mobile, paper and kiosk surveys. Snap WebHost, Snap’s online and mobile survey management platform makes it easy to manage and report on online and mobile surveys. Snap Mobile Anywhere offers 24/7 mobile interviewing for iPad, Android and Windows devices. Clever routing and masking, sliders and clickable images, create a smoother, more enjoyable respondent experience. Snap's sophisticated analysis and reporting capabilities now include Smart Reporting which will help you get more intelligence from your data, reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Customer Contact

Marianne Witts

Marketing Research Software Titles
  • Snap Survey Software

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