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Cint USA Inc.

Cint USA Inc.

Company Address:
989 Lennox Drive
Suite 208
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
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Customer Contact

Jake Wolff, VP, Sales

Company Description

Cint is a privately owned software company developing technology to innovate the way insights are gathered. Cint specializes in SaaS solutions offering efficient, user-friendly tools to access online consumer panels, as well as panel management software. Cint’s exchange platform, OpinionHUB, the fully transparent insight marketplace, brings together questions and answers from all around the world. Reach over 17 million profiled consumers/respondents from over 65 countries through a network of 1,200 suppliers all sourced via 800 different panels owned by publishers, local media outlets, market research agencies and non-profits. Headquartered in Stockholm, Cint has offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Research Services
  • Panels-Online

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