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Company Address:
1 Farnham Road
Surrey GU2 4RG
United Kingdom
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Customer Contact

Charles Pearson, Managing Director

Company Description

EasyInsites is a full-service online research agency specializing in custom panels and research communities, providing its clients with a range of innovative online research services. Our custom panel product, EasyPanel, allows clients to research their customers, consumers, viewers, subscribers, employees or markets. Clients without their own custom panel can also turn to EasyInsites for their online research needs, since we are expert in online research and online panels. We can access a wide variety of panels on the Cint platform or from other access panel providers around the world.

Research Services
  • Business-To-Business Research
  • Online Communities - MROC
  • Online Survey Design/Analysis
  • Panels-Online
Industries, Markets and Audiences
  • Internet/Web
  • Mothers-Expectant


Customer Contact

Charles M. Pearson, Managing Director

Panel Titles and Features
Bounty "Word of Mum" Panel (UK) Size: 40,000 Panel Type: Online
First4Families (UK) Size: 10,000 Panel Type: Online
Mom365 momSpeaks (US) Size: 10,000 Panel Type: Online
WHSmith Surveys (UK) Size: 12,000 Panel Type: Online

This firm offers proprietary (client specific) panel management services

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