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Dapresy NA

Dapresy NA

Company Address:
16 Market Square
Portsmouth, NH 03801
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Customer Contact

Rudy Nadilo

Company Description

Dapresy provides user friendly, graphical reporting dashboards. Easily create dashboards for everything; 360-degree programs, brand tracking, mystery shopping, voice of customer and ad-hoc projects. Dapresy is unique in it’s ability to work with respondent level data, which allows for "on the fly" online analytic processing direct from the Triple-S or SPSS file. We also make it simple to combine multiple datasets; survey, sales, shipments, advertising, transactions, etc. Dapresy uses a simple drag & drop interface so there is no programming required. Dashboards are quickly deployed to C-level managers, regional personnel, company analysts and researchers with full control so “the right person, sees the right data, at the right time”. The building and maintaining of tedious, time consuming PowerPoint decks is ubiquitous to market research reporting. Dapresy makes building PowerPoint slides obsolete. Analysts’ work directly from the raw data files and all dashboard pages are seamlessly built from these data. New data is automatically imported and dashboards refresh themselves for real-time access. No matter what your reporting needs, Dapresy Pro offers better data by design.

Research Services
  • Advertising Research
  • Advertising Tracking
  • Attitude/Usage Studies
  • Brand Loyalty Studies
  • Brand/Image Tracking
  • Consumer Research
  • Copy Testing
  • Data Analysis
  • Software-Apps
  • Software-Automated Reporting
  • Software-Data Analysis
  • Software-Data Delivery Tools
  • Software-Data Tabulation
  • Syndicated Research

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