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Company Address:
921 Port Washington Blvd., Suite 8
Port Washington, NY 11050
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Company Description

Paradigm was founded on the premise that there are new and better ways to access hard-to-reach audiences to support consumer and B2B research. Since 2009, we have been integrating inventive technology into online and mobile data collection to improve efficiency, quality and richness of data. Paradigm’s extensive experience in building mobile solutions provides insight that can't be acquired from traditional market-research methods. Paradigm also delivers access to over 8 million panelists worldwide, specializing in hard-to-reach consumer and B2B audiences.

Research Services
  • International Research
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Panels-Online
  • Software-Mobile Surveys


Panel Titles and Features
Convenience Consumer Insights Panel (cciPanel) Size: N/A Panel Type: Online

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