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Company Address:
6080 Center Drive, Suite 450
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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Customer Contact

Janeen White

Company Description

If it doesn't communicate at layout, it never will. To some advertisers, a storyboard or layout is something that will have to be produced before its potential can be determined. However, for over three decades, we’ve proven that a commercial, print ad or any communication's ability to communicate can be determined before it’s produced. Our unique, evidenced-based proprietary method can pinpoint strengths, weaknesses and areas where communication can be improved. The utilization of PhaseOne's analysis at layout stage has been validated to closely parallel communication test results of the same communication in produced form. And, companies using PhaseOne have eliminated time-consuming and costly production and testing of communication that was weak from the start.

Research Services
  • Advertising Effectiveness
  • Advertising Research
  • Advertising/Communication Consultation
  • Brand Positioning Studies
  • Commercials Testing
  • Communication Strategy Research
  • Competitor Analysis Evaluation
  • Concept Optimization
  • Concept Research
  • Concept Testing
  • Copy Testing
  • Executive Interviewing
  • Packaging Testing
  • Social Media Research
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Web Site Evaluation

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