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Infotools Seattle

Infotools Seattle

Company Address:
500 108th Ave. N.E.
Suite 2350
Bellevue, WA 98004
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Customer Contact

Jonathan Bear

Company Description

For 25 years Infotools has been raising the profile of research data, because we believe curious minds can change the world. We unlock our client’s research by providing services to organize and harmonize their data, as well as tools to analyze, visualize and tell stories from their findings. Working across multiple industries, we partner with some of the most curious minds in research today. Minds that trust our expertise, have confidence in our unique automation technology and believe in our service culture so they’re able to ask better questions of their research data more often.

Research Services
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Processing
  • Software-Automated Reporting
  • Software-Data Analysis
  • Software-Data Delivery Tools
  • Software-Data Tabulation
  • Text Analytics

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