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QualTopics, a division of CRG Global

QualTopics, a division of CRG Global

Company Address:
3 Signal Avenue
Suite B
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
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Customer Contact

Jeffrey Agress, Senior Research Analyst

Company Description

QualTopics is an online, text-based qualitative research tool that allows a moderator to chat live, one-on-one, with a respondent using a platform similar to an instant messenger service in order to gain deeper insight into opinions and perceptions. QualTopics provides high impact research to further uncover valuable consumer insights that can help guide your key strategic business decisions. No matter what phase of the research cycle you are in, QualTopics can help you gain valuable understanding and insight into your consumers' thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and experiences that may have been left unarticulated through standard quantitative methods alone.

Research Services
  • Hybrid Research (Qual/Quant)
  • Qualitative-Online

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