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Sentient Decision Science

Company Address:
One Harbour Place, Suite 380
Portsmouth, NH 03801
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Company Description

Sentient Decision Science is a behavioral science based research and consulting firm. Sentient was created to bring the visionary advances from the behavioral sciences to the business community in a practical and accessible form in order to move global business forward. Sentient is a globally recognized pioneer in the development of advanced implicit research technology which taps the consumer subconscious and quantifies the effects of emotion on choice. Sentient implicit research technology reveals consumer subconscious associations with brands, products, packaging and advertising, and is integrated with advanced choice based models of behavior, to better forecast market success. The technology is coupled with deep knowledge on the fundamental drivers of human behavior to provide deep insight and actionable research results. Our Specialty Research services include: The subconscious drivers of behavior; Quantifying the impact of emotion on choice; Consumer choice forecasting; Applied behavioral economics.

Research Services
  • Advertising Research
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Brand Positioning Studies
  • Copy Testing
  • New Product Research
  • Package Development Research
  • Pricing Research

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