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P-STAT, Inc.

Company Address:
230 Lambertville-Hopewell Rd.
Hopewell, NJ 08525-2809
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Customer Contact

Sebbie Buhler, Marketing Manager

Company Description

P-STAT® features TURF analysis along with sample balancing, stub-and-banner displays, statistical analysis, data and file management and report-writing. Files can easily be sorted, matched, collated, joined or merged. P-STAT's default size allows up to 6,000 variables per file, with optional sizes ranging up to 250,000 variables. Variables can be numeric or character. A character value can have up to 50,000 characters. Names of variables can be 64 characters long. Note: P-STAT's power lies in the ability to combine these features with macros and PPL: the P-STAT programming language. P-STAT can be run as a background batch process, interactively using the command language or menus. P-STAT is available for Windows and Linux PCs and workstations. A free demo allows real data and results.

Research Services
  • Software-Comprehensive Stat. Pkg.
  • Software-Data Analysis
  • Software-Data Tabulation
  • Software-TURF Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis


Customer Contact

Sebbie Buhler

Company Description

P-STAT features TURF analysis (total unduplicated reach and frequency), which easily processes billions of combinations; sample balancing; stub-and-banner displays; statistical analysis; nested macros; extensive data and file management; and presentation-quality report-writing. P-STAT allows 50,000 characters per variable; 6,000-250,000 variables and unlimited cases per file. P-STAT runs on Windows and Linux PCs and SUN. A TURF-only license is $595 (USD); the full version P-STAT license is $995 (W2 6000 var. size, single PC, perpetual use). Download the fully-functional free demo at

Marketing Research Software Titles
  • P-STAT

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