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BabbleType, LLC

Company Address:
1 International Plaza, Suite 550
Philadelphia, PA 19113
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Customer Contact

John Feldcamp, President
Julie Fullen, Sales/Client Development

Company Description

BabbleType has important new policies and prices for transcription services that are designed to reduce your costs, reduce turnaround and dramatically improve the quality of service. We offer ultra-easy, standard, all-inclusive pricing with no extra charges for file conversion, file quality and audio file repair within our ability to do so. Large orders are immediately met with discounts from our already-low, all-inclusive pricing and customers with smaller orders qualify all year to earn discounts based on order history. We continue to provide administrative support exclusively to the market research industry. Call us at 888-678-7782 to get started.

Research Services
  • Focus Group-Transcriptions
  • Transcription Services

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