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MDSS, Inc.

MDSS, Inc.

Marketing Decision Support Systems, Inc.

Company Address:
11715 Fox Road
Suite 400-196
Indianapolis, IN 46236
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Customer Contact

Dale Pellman, President

Company Description

Research Tracker® II is the industry leader in database management systems for qualitative research. It features easy point-and-click querying by demographics, past participation or any of 100 user-defined fields. Research Tracker® II increases productivity by creating e-mail blasts, recruiting lists, electronic files, profile sheets, sign-in sheets, e-mail confirmation and invoices. Research Tracker® II for medical respondents adds customized fields and query options unique to physicians and other medical respondents. DataTailor is a suite of applications that can be used alone or in combination for database conversion, address hygiene, de-duping and respondent validation.

Research Services
  • Software-Database Management
  • Software-Qualitative

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