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PRO-T-S® Telephony Systems

PRO-T-S® Telephony Systems

Company Address:
755 Business Center Drive, Suite 200
Horsham, PA 19044
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Customer Contact

Tim Antoniewicz, V.P. Business Development

Company Description

PRO-T-S is a research predictive dialing system optimized for survey research environments. As the global leader in research seats, PRO-T-S is flexible, scalable and integrates with most CATI systems. PRO-T-S significantly improves productivity, accuracy and quality while reducing costs. Optional modules include research predictive dialing, multi-CATI system interface, IVR integration and VoIP.

Research Services
  • Software-CATI (Telephone Interviewing)
  • Telephone Interviewing/CATI


Customer Contact

Tim Antoniewicz, VP, Business Development

Company Description

PRO-T-S® is the only researchPredictive dialer optimized by researchers and the global leader in research seats. Flexible, scalable and modular, PRO-T-S integrates with most CATI systems/telephony configurations including VOIP and significantly improves interviewer productivity, accuracy and morale with a quick ROI. Optional modules include researchPredictive dialing, digital sound management, DSMplus (voice recording, playback and retrieval), remote interviewer module, call blending, multi-CATI interface, call transfer, IVR integration, remote audio monitoring, dial tone-only and interface to VOIP.

Marketing Research Software Titles
  • PRO-T-S® Telephony Systems

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