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The PreTesting Company, Inc.

Company Address:
38 Franklin St.
Tenafly, NJ 07670
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Customer Contact

Lee Weinblatt, CEO
Daniel Morris, President
Chris Abate, Director of Operations

Company Description

The only research company that measures real-world involvement (both in-home and in-store), second-by-second engagement, impulse selection and complete diagnostics for TV, radio, print, out-of-home, POP, Internet and on-shelf packaging whose scores have been validated by actual sales and tracking. Over 100 patents make us unique. Our latest technologies include automatic in-store eye movement recorders and phone apps that passively track consumer exposure to radio, TV and Internet advertising.

Research Services
  • Advertising Effectiveness
  • Advertising Research
  • Brand/Image Tracking
  • Copy Testing
  • Eye Tracking
  • In-Store Research
  • Marketing Research-Full Service
  • Media Research-General
  • Packaging Testing
  • Point-of-Purchase Research

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