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Microtab, LLC

Company Address:
5505 Orchard Hill Terrace
Cumming, GA 30028
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Customer Contact

Larry Hills, Managing Director


Customer Contact

Larry Hills, Managing Director

Company Description

Purchase Microtab once and get free technical support forever. Optionally, you can lease our software in monthly increments. Just lease it when you need it. Download a free evaluation copy of our software with the SPSS add-on module. Since 1983 Microtab has been offering complete data processing services – from coding and data entry through presentation quality tables. Comprehensive statistical testing is available. We understand your deadlines and we will help you meet them. You might initially come to us because of our cost, but you’ll stay with us due to our service. Established in 1979.

Marketing Research Software Titles
  • Microtab Version 7 - Prof with SPSS Add-on Module
  • Microtab Version 7 - Professional Edition
  • Microtab Version 7 - Standard Edition

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