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February 19-20, 2014
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The Bank of America Building, Houston
AMA - American Marketing Association

The American Marketing Association will hold a marketing planning boot camp on February 19-20 at the Bank of America Building, Houston. For more information visit

According to the Web site:

The ability to effectively develop the elements of a marketing plan is a critical success factor for marketing professionals, business managers and entrepreneurs. AMA is proud to introduce the Marketing Planning Boot Camp™, a new professional development opportunity that will give you the foundation to create a dynamic marketing plan of your own.

During the program you will work with peers in a small group setting under close supervision of an expert in marketing plan development. Each group will create a marketing plan for the case study company specified at the beginning of the session.

The instructor will operate in a consultative mode with each small group to coach them on creating a unique high-quality marketing plan for the case study company.

On the second day, each team will present highlights of their plan to the full class and will receive constructive suggestions, critique and feedback from the instructor. Upon completion of the Marketing Planning Boot Camp™, you will have the tools and the confidence to begin doing marketing planning in your own organization.


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