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July 20-22, 2015
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Radisson Blu in Chicago

IIR will hold its OmniShopper 2015 event on July 20-22 at Radisson Blu in Chicago. For more information visit

According to IIR:

OmniShopper 2015 is the evolution of the Shopper Insights in Action conference the industry has grown to love.

Year after year, brands and retailers from around the world have selected this event to be their annual meeting place for new insights, inspiration, retail innovation and a source of collaboration and connectivity to drive basket growth.

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace. Shopper preferences are constantly changing. OmniShopper 2015 is a call to action for ALL the key players in the shopper ecosystem to come together to find out how to thrive in this new retail world.

Through collective insight and collaboration, brands, retailers and their partners unite to answer these questions and prepare themselves and their organizations for continuous and unprecedented changes in the retail landscape.

OmniShopper 2015 offers all-new expertly curated content, extraordinary keynote speakers, in-depth track sessions, the launch of highly anticipated interactive workshops, and retail excursions designed to disrupt your day job. You will be granted unscripted access to experts who can fast-forward your understanding of total shopper behavior and predict the next new path to purchase.


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