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October 13-15, 2015
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Time and Life Building in New York
WBR - Worldwide Business Research

Worldwide Business Research will hold a conference, themed "Luxury Interactive," on October 13-15 at the Time and Life Building in New York. For more information visit

According to WBR:

Discover and create a new level of online experience at Luxury Interactive. 300+ luxury executives come to this “safe haven” to network and idea-share around challenges and opportunities in the digital luxury space.

Attend Luxury Interactive and learn how to:

-Build Creative Content
-Surprise and delight your customers digitally with tactics that drive emotional selling.
-Optimize eCommerce And Omni-Channel Expansion
-Focus on site functionality that reduces abandonment and drives sales. Break down company silos to build your brand’s omni-channel expansion.
-Leverage Data In Your Luxury Campaigns
-Create personalized touchpoints throughout your digital channels. Build an online marketing mix that drives business value.
-Integrate In-Store Technology
-Link the online and offline experience, bridged by mobile capabilities and social outreach for the jet-setting consumers.
-Focus On Global eCommerce Business
-Discover the top countries to expand and keys to overseas success.


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