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October 1, 2014
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New York
WBR - Worldwide Business Research

Worldwide Business Research will hold a conference, themed "Luxury Interactive," on October 1 in New York. For more information visit

According to WBR:

Luxury Interactive brings together luxury brand marketing and ecommerce executives, innovators and thought leaders, who offer insights and solutions for the most pressing issues facing the industry. Come network with your peers and identify strategies to successfully drive and achieve your brand's objectives through 2014.

Luxury Interactive focuses on:

  • Optimizing eCommerce: implementing necessities onsite to reduce abandonment and drive sales
    Understanding big data to enhance CRM efforts
  • Using in-store technology to link the online and offline experience
  • Personalization: creating unique experiences that drive loyalty to luxury brands
  • Analyzing mobile and social behaviors of luxury consumers
  • Global conversations: becoming an international online brand, and also having localized content
  • Creating Content: entertain, editorialize and educate consumers via emotional experiences

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