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December 4-5, 2012
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San Francisco

Strategic Solutions will hold a conference, themed "Social, Local and Mobile Market Research Innovations Congress," on December 4-5 in San Francisco. For more information visit

According to Strategic Solutions:

Participants comprise an impressive group of senior executive decision-makers with responsibility for market research, market insights, business intelligence, knowledge management, consumer research and market optimization representing household names from U.S. and foreign companies. Also in attendance will be market research firms and technology solution providers.

Social, local and mobile market research and market intelligence gives you the tools and techniques to track and understand today's customer.

Consumers are tweeting, Googling and blogging; sharing likes and dislikes; and comparison shopping from their cars, stores, homes, vacations and work. This frenetic activity is a goldmine for savvy marketers to not only understand the purchasing behavior of their target customer but also gain early insight into emerging trends.

The convergence of big data from multiple sources including social, local and mobile is a central theme shaking up how information is captured, analyzed, utilized.

The question remains: Can big data drive sales? Can you translate what you're hearing into actionable market strategies and results? How do you marry your traditional market research activities such as brand equity tracking, secondary data sourcing, return on marketing investment (ROMI) with this new world of technological innovation and converging data streams?

This conference has been carefully designed to ensure coverage across many phases of data management, while focusing primarily on the customer touchpoints of social, local and mobile. You'll hear case studies from leading companies in CPG, telecommunications and financial services on how they are successfully capturing customer data and turning it into revenue using innovative methodologies and technologies.


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