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April 8-9, 2014
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The Sala Omnium Hotel in Santiago, Chile

 GreenBook will present the Insight Innovation eXchange Latin America 2014 on April 8-9 at the Sala Omnium Hotel in Santiago, Chile. For more information visit

According to GreenBook:

The Insight Innovation eXchange Latin America 2014 gathers 350+ insights professionals willing to break out of the routine, challenge their thinking and venture to help co-create a brighter future that brings business impact to client organizations.

IIeX LATAM is the one event you need to attend to get up to speed on what's happening in the insights space in Latin America and the world. Our fast-paced, intensive program allows you to explore regional and global cutting-edge innovation in the industry in just two days. Join us at a different type of event that will allow you to foster relationships that support the growth of your organization, whether you're a technology startup, a major consumer brand or an experienced research agency.

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GreenBook works with Ericsson, Heineken, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Unilever and other leading brands to develop a conference agenda that provides tangible solutions to real business needs. Then, we recruit innovators (from both the client and supplier side) with the courage to get up on stage, share creative solutions and get conversations going.

Under an overarching theme of creating and sustaining competitive advantage through insights, here are just some of the key topics that we'll be exploring at IIeX LATAM 2014:

    • Insights 2020: The vision for the future
    • Social, local and mobile: 3 transformative trends
    • How data volume, variety, velocity and veracity are redesigning insights
    • The drivers of human behavior: Measuring the unconscious for insight impact
    • Biometrics and cognitive neuroscience
    • Gamification, adaptive models and creating the agile insight organization
    • Building the business case: Transforming for success
    • Putting the consumer at the center of the business: Communities and crowdsourcing
    • New thinking on surveys, sampling and deliverables
    • Emerging players and the future of insight innovation

IIeX provides an unprecedented opportunity for leading company executives who are responsible for leveraging innovation for competitive advantage to meet with next generation solution providers, find new partners and do business.

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