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April 17, 2015
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Budapest, Hungary
MSPA - Mystery Shopping Providers Association

The Mystery Shopping Providers Association will hold its annual Europe conference on April 17 in Budapest, Hungary.

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According to MSPA:

Due to high demand and great feedback from participants this year, we have scheduled another MSPA Europe workshop hosted by Mystery Shopping business professionals and...
you do not want to miss it!

Some of the key themes we will develop during the workshop include:
What are the Mystery Shopping techniques that work in today’s marketplace?
How can we motivate and ensure the quality of our mystery shoppers? What are the Golden Rules for a quality shopper report? How can we optimize the training of our shoppers?
How to combine mystery shopping with coaching and training?
How to report results in a way that engages clients
How to use results to help clients develop strong action plans
This workshop will help you to lead change efficiently, based on real examples taken from recent MS enquiries we have had!
The ideal time to meet and share information with other Mystery Shopping professionals and also return to your offices with a lot of new ideas….


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