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September 15-19, 2014
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Emory University in Atlanta
AMA Customer Service
AMA - American Marketing Association

The American Marketing Association will hold its 2014 Academy of Marketing Analytics on September 15-19 at Emory University in Atlanta. For more information visit

According to the AMA:

To truly measure the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, you need not only the right data but the right interpretation of that data. After attending the Academy of Marketing Analytics, you’ll be well equipped for both.

Led by top academic experts, we’ll delve into the most current analytics tools and strategies. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how to track customers as well as link their behavior to sales — the metrics executives are looking for.

The four and a half day program will divided into two segments:

- Marketing Analytics Essentials, including:
- Analysis of marketing experiments
- Customer lifetime value models
- Attribution analysis
- Market response models

Advanced Marketing Analytics, including:
- Marketing ROI and customer lifetime value models
- Social media strategy
- Social listening tools
- Mobile and web analytics

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