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December 4-5, 2013
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The Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston

Marcus Evans will hold a conference focused on digital banking and financial services, themed "Rebuilding Trust and Renewing the Banking Experience," on December 4-5 at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston. For more information visit

According to Marcus Evans:

The Innovation Models in Digital Banking and Financial Services Conference will bring together innovation professionals with responsibilities in digital banking, mobile banking and payments to analyze cutting-edge processes to effectively manage a multi-tiered innovation portfolio, cultivate a culture that embraces risk and creativity and generate metrics to monitor the effectiveness, efficiency and viability of initiatives across the innovation pipeline.

This premier conference will enable delegates to leverage innovation models that diversify initiatives based on strategic value, risk, and time-to-market concerns, identify criteria by which to measure the viability of new ideas, analyze organizational cultures that embrace risk and creativity in the process of bringing new ideas to market and establish a common language across their organization to articulate the goals of the innovation practice.

Industry leaders attending this conference will benefit from two days of interactive workshops, panel discussions and industry-specific case studies focused the development of the digital banking portfolio. Attendees will experience 10-15 minutes of Q&A time after each presentation, over four hours of networking and exclusive access to speaker presentations post-event to reference back at the office.

Key topics

  • Balance the intrisic needs for creativity and process in the design of the innovation practice
  • Realize the necessity of an agile and reflective innovation process that is strategically focused on the ambitions of the financial institution and capable of delivering a consistent stream of new products to market
  • Support and sustain a risk culture that promotes clear and consistent communications among pipeline stakeholders to achieve shared goals
  • Contextualize information from big data reserves to achieve actionable recommendations for front-end inquiries
  • Introduce regulatory compliance expertise into the front-end to preempt potential back-end compliance concerns

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