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March 4-6, 2012
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New York

Burke Institute will hold a seminar focused on customer satifsaction and loyalty research, themed "Managing, Measuring, Analyzing and Interpreting," on March 4-6 in New York. For more information visit

According to Burke:

This three-day seminar deals with research methods designed to monitor customer satisfaction and to gain customer loyalty as well as the quantitative tools used to analyze data obtained from customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys and how to draw managerially meaningful interpretations of the output. You will learn:

  • Why it is important to assess customer satisfaction and the consequences of ignoring this vital area.

  • How to design a study to measure customer satisfaction, how to structure and administer the survey questionnaire and how to select the sample.

  • How to analyze and interpret the results from the customer satisfaction survey to answer specific management questions dealing with key drivers and performance.

  • How to implement results from the study to establish performance standards and goals for future.

  • How to develop summary measures and methods for determining the relative importance of product/service components using correlations, regressions and more advanced techniques.

  • How to analyze drivers of dissatisfaction and delight; what methods are used for linking satisfaction to profits.

  • What are the mixed models of customer satisfaction data; how to analyze customer complaint data.

  • Which statistical process control methods are best for comparing results from different organizational units or from different points in time.

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