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February 26-27, 2013
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The Crown Plaza in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
ENG - European Networking Group

The European Networking Group will hold its annual consumer insights and marketing excellence conference on February 26-27 at the Crown Plaza in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information and to register visit

According to ENG:

The current economy has increased the pressure on marketeers, who now more than ever need to obtain valuable consumer insights and increase ROI of their initiatives. Changes in research approaches and data analysis are arising from the infinite amount of data generated by online and mobile buying. In this new age of mobile channels, social networking sites and developments in traditional retailing have fundamentally reshaped the relationship between consumers, retailers and consumer products companies. The demand for real-time insight immediacy and the sheer quantity of data have changed the marketing game completely.

Insight doesn’t just happen. A plan of action needs to be developed to get closer to and keep up with consumers to drive measurable ROI of all insight and marketing initiatives. It is crucial that businesses have a clear marketing strategy in place to improve interactions with individual consumers andl to gain customer loyalty as well as brand success.

Our 6th annual Consumer Insights & Marketing Excellence Summit will showcase the true value of consumer insights and marketing, moving beyond information and research findings to create actionable opportunities for marketing and brand development specialists. With real business stories, best practice showcases and interactive debates we will address key issues including:

  • Big data: Turning the daily actions of millions of customers across different channels into manageable information for marketing insight
  • Exploring digital and social marketing activities to reach targeted consumer segments
  • Maintaining effective dialogue with consumers to position your brand in their minds and ensure active opinions and a two way flow of information
  • Addressing innovative approaches to receive true and reliable feedback from your consumer
  • Tailoring shopper insights to address your core consumer online and in-store
  • Product and service innovation through clear insight analysis

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