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July 24-25, 2013
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Marcus Evans will hold a conference, themed "Loyalty Canada," on July 24-25 in Toronto. For more information visit

According to Marcus Evans:

The Loyalty Canada 2013 Conference will provide customer loyalty marketers with a deeper understanding of key issues affecting the creation of a successful and sustainable loyalty practice. Topics of discussion include the quantification of difficult-to-measure loyalty initiatives, the use of analytics to contextualize customer data, the most effective customer loyalty marketing strategies and the formulation of a successful loyalty rewards program.

Industry leaders attending this conference will benefit from a dynamic presentation format consisting of workshops, panel discussions and industry-specific case studies that provide accurate, real-world knowledge. Attendees will experience highly interactive conference sessions, 10-15 minutes of Q&A time after each presentation, 4+ hours of networking, and exclusive access to speaker presentations post-event.

  • Grow and deepen loyalty relationships with sophisticated consumers in the well penetrated Canadian market
  • Quantify previously difficult-to-measure customer loyalty initiatives to report impacts to the bottom line
  • Leverage proven program design methodologies to determine Canadian behavioral drivers for customer loyalty
  • Formulate a reward and recognition program that looks beyond the currency of rewards to improve retention and program value
  • Deploy a globalization approach to ensure cultural sensitivity, loyalty, and retention in emerging markets

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