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July 23-24, 2014
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Marcus Evans will hold a conference, themed "Loyalty Canada," on July 23-24 in Toronto. For more information visit 

According to Marcus Evans:

Loyalty Canada 2014 is a highly intensive, two day forum that will bring together cross-industry executives in customer loyalty, loyalty marketing, and customer insights and analytics from leading organizations to discuss how they’re rejuvenating their existing loyalty programs to remain relevant in the Canadian marketplace.

Attending this premier Marcus Evans conference will enable you to:

- Develop a reward and recognition program that looks beyond the currency of rewards to improve retention and program value

- Design loyalty programs that promote the evolution of loyal customers to customer advocates

- Establish analytics to contextualize customer data to assist in the development of a personalized customer touch within the loyalty strategy

- Harness non-traditional marketing channels to optimize loyalty program delivery

- Promote enterprise-wide loyalty leaning to enhance return on the customer investment.

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