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February 3-5, 2015
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The Novotel Brussels Centre, Tour Noire, Brussels
Merlien Institute

The Merlien Institute will host a conference, themed 'Qualitative 360 Europe,' on February 3-5 at the Novotel Brussels Centre, Tour Noire, Brussels.For more information visit

According to Merlien:

Join the world’s leading clients & agencies uncovering the latest qual trends for 2015.

Following the ever-changing demands of qualitative research, the 6th annual Qualitative360 Europe conference will provide and ideal networking platform, with exciting speakers, cutting edge discussions and a review of the latest methodologies, tools and case studies available.

Join us in Brussels from 3-5 February 2015 to embrace change in qualitative research, explore new methodologies, assess the latest technologies, contextualise ethnographic insights and ultimately reclaim the interpretative potency of qualitative research as an integral driver of business growth.

What will you learn?
- Understand how Nestle is accessing low income consumers
- Hear how Deutsche Telekom is utilising ethnographic research to understand consumers
- Explore how McDonalds employs qualitative research to elicit actionable insights
- Hear how Jaguar & Land Rover revisits the main principles of marketing and meaning of research
- Learn how IFF is using qualitative research to deepen consumer insight

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