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February 19-20, 2014
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The Novotel Istanbul in Istanbul, Turkey
Merlien Institute

The Merlien Institute will host a conference, themed "Qualitative 360 Europe," on February 19-20 at the Novotel Istanbul in Istanbul, Turkey. For more information visit

According to Merlien:

Qualitative360 is celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2014 – and we will be doing so in style in the beautiful city of Istanbul. Building on the continued success of the only leading global conference series focusing on qualitative research and insight, QUAL360 will feature world class speakers, cutting-edge discussions and a review of the latest methodologies, tools and case studies available.

Qualitative research is becoming increasingly front of mind for client researchers and agencies alike. The rapid development of new methodologies like neuroscience, behavioural economics, netnography together with the ever faster development of new technology tools are presenting new opportunities but also challenges for the qual community.

Qual360 aims to educate, analyse and discuss the impact of new methods and technologies, but also surprise you with the presentation of very innovative approaches to qualitative research. Join us to discover, learn and discuss with peers, like minded professionals and business partners.

Qualitative 360 Europe has established itself as the event bringing together professional researchers, consumer insights specialists and academics to discuss cutting edge research strategies for qualitative research.

Qualitative 360 features a unique format and set-up that creates joint discussions between academic and commercial researchers in a facilitated, controlled and closed environment. The conference is steered by an advisory panel that reviews speaking submissions, ensuring the highest possible quality of speakers and an exciting mix between industry experts, academics and independent researchers.

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