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March 18-21, 2014
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The University of Georgia Terry College of Business Executive Education Center in Atlanta

The American Marketing Association will hold a program, titled, "Marketing Research Academy for Business Professionals," on March 18-21 at the University of Georgia Terry College of Business Executive Education Center in Atlanta. For more information visit

According to AMA:

New to the research function? A research manager or analyst with less than four years of experience? A marketing manager who needs a better understanding of MR?

Then this program is for you!

This three-and-a-half day program is designed to strengthen your knowledge and grasp of marketing research fundamentals. Leading experts from industry and academe will share their knowledge and experience in designing, implementing, interpreting and reporting quality marketing research. They will cover the following topics using real case examples, hands-on experiences and practical applications:

  • Properly defining the research problem
  • Developing a research plan and designing the research
  • Using qualitative methods of data collection, including social media
  • Designing effective questionnaires
  • Identifying, understanding, and apply appropriate sampling techniques
  • Analyzing data through various quantitative methods
  • Understanding how to ethically obtain and strategically use competitive intelligence
  • Interpreting data and preparing management oriented reports

Attendees will have ample opportunity to exchange views and experiences with each other and faculty members in the state of the art classroom facilities at the Terry College Atlanta Executive Education Center located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. Instructors for the school all have extensive marketing research knowledge and experience, as well as significant experience in developing and presenting executive education. These individuals will help you improve your skills and enhance your ability to understand, use and manage marketing research. 

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s program. The Marketing Research Academy for Business Professionals is jointly offered by the American Marketing Association and the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia and is the first program in a two-part series on marketing research.


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