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July 24 at 1 p.m. EDT, 2013
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VeraQuest and uSamp will hold a one-hour Webinar, themed "Ensuring Data Quality - A Two-Tier Strategy," on July 24 at 1 p.m. EDT. Peter Gold of VeraQuest and Lisa Wilding-Brown of uSamp will present.

Peter Gold, CEO, VeraQuest & Lisa Wilding-Brown, VP Global Panel & Sampling Operations, uSamp offer tips for obtaining quality data.

As online market research continues to mature, managing data quality has become more critical than ever before. With each new technological advance comes the potential for new strains of fraud. Validation products may help control hackers from spoiling sample, but Wilding-Brown and Gold explain why it takes a vigilant effort from sample providers and research suppliers alike to ensure their clients receive quality data.

During this Webinar, they will share some of their experiences in the field and offer up five tips for optimizing your data quality.

1. Source Testing
2. Registration
3. Sample Frame Balance
4. Respondent Monitoring
5. Research Design and Execution

Time will be left to answer your questions.

Can't attend? Register anyway and after the live event you will be sent a link to a recording which you view at your leisure.

Peter Gold, CEO, VeraQuest With more than 25 years of syndicated and custom research experience, Peter possesses a broad scope of research expertise. He is the chief architect of several research products, including one of the country’s leading omnibus services. His broad range of research experience lends itself particularly well to the world of omnibus research where clients tend to have an extremely diverse set of needs. Peter’s background as a practice leader has enabled him to develop a business model that is rich in client-centric benefits while simultaneously being very cost-effective. Peter earned a BSBA from the University of Florida and holds an MBA from Boston College.

Lisa Wilding-Brown, VP Global Panel & Sampling Operations, uSamp With over a decade of experience in the market research industry. Wilding-Brown is responsible for global panel development and management at uSamp — in particular publisher management and recruiting, sampling, member engagement and rewards. Wilding-Brown also oversees uSamp's Insights and Strategy group which focuses on research on research, questionnaire design and sampling methodology. Before joining uSamp in 2009, Lisa served as the Panel Loyalty and Retention Manager at Harris Interactive. Wilding-Brown was instrumental in the development and management of the Harris Poll Online, one of the first online market research panels in the industry and spearheaded the development of over 40 specialty panels. Wilding-Brown is an honors graduate of the State University of New York at Geneseo with a BA in both Communication and International Relations, and completed graduate studies at the University College Dublin in Ireland.

Moderator: Joe Rydholm, Editor, Quirk's Marketing Research Review

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