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September 17-18, 2013
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Marcus Evans will hold its annual Process Driven Innovation Conference on September 17-18 in Philadelphia. For more information visit

According to Marcus Evans:

Building on the success of the marcus evans innovation series, the 4th Annual Process Driven Innovation Conference will bring together senior-level executives in product development to discuss their innovation processes as well as the latest product development technologies. Furthermore, attendees will analyze groundbreaking methodologies to effectively manage a multi-tiered process innovation portfolio, cultivate a culture that embraces risk and creativity and generate metrics to monitor the effectiveness, efficiency and viability of initiatives across the process innovation pipeline.

What’s new in the 2013 conference?

  • Support and sustain a risk culture that promotes clear and consistent communications among pipeline stakeholders to achieve shared goals
  • Identify and optimize the mitigation of innovation risk through the deployment of leading edge approaches to measuring, managing and reporting risk
  • Mobilize agile innovation in the determination of pathways to regionally specific global product launches

Industry leaders attending this conference will benefit from a dynamic presentation format consisting of workshops, panel discussions and industry-specific case studies that provide accurate, real-world knowledge. Attendees will experience highly interactive conference sessions, 10-15 minutes of Q&A time after each presentation, over four hours of networking and exclusive access to speaker presentations post-event.

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