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September 21-23, 2014
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IQPC - International Quality and Productivity Center

The International Quality and Productivity Center will hold a conference focused on digital marketing mix and metrics, themed "Create the Right Marketing Mix to Optimize Your Return on Investment," on November 13-15 in Miami. For more information visit

According to IQPC:

In today’s digital world, traditional marketing alone is no longer enough. Business leaders continue to pressure marketers to be data-driven in every way and to prove the ROI of their marketing spend. Yet digital tools remain in their early stage and marketers are challenged with different measurement techniques ones that can be challenging to integrate. With so many access points - mobile, social media, Web site and tablet - how can marketers create the right marketing mix to generate leads, drive sales, decrease cost and ultimately optimize the ROI?

Join us and learn how to create the right marketing mix to optimize your return on investment. Plus, we will address how to navigate today’s top pressures including big data privacy regulations and balancing the thin line between customizing your customers’ experiences while avoiding privacy violations.

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