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October 29-30, 2013
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Marcus Evans will hold an event, themed "Internal Branding Canada," on October 29-30 in Toronto. For more information visit

According to Marcus Evans:

Internal branding is crucial for employee engagement and promoting the organization’s growth, especially in the acquisition of nationally selective and limited millennial workforce. Unifying the organization’s strategic goals, internal communications and brand messaging allows employees to understand the direction of the organization and commit to the brand promise. In order to ensure for brand engagement at every level of the organization, it is critical to gain knowledge of evolving internal branding strategies and communication platforms. With development of new technologies, the growing popularity of internal social media and companies leveraging new internal communications tools, the opportunities to connect and unify the organization around the brand is greater than ever.

The Internal Branding Canada 2013 conference will enable internal branding professionals to provide consistency across the organization, utilize gamification to increase employee connection and awareness, ingrain the management culture in every layer of the organization, leverage innovative communication channels and ease the employee on-boarding process by appealing to diverse internal audiences through development of internal messages that combine the goals of the organization with its brand promise.

Key topics

  • Promote transparent relationships among employees, customers, management and senior leadership
  • Leverage internal mobile and social engagement platforms to increase connection among stakeholders
  • Utilize gamification and social collaboration principals to communicate and enhance employee motivation
  • Create a comprehensive internal brand message to increase brand consistency across globally dispersed internal audiences
  • Ingrain senior leadership cultures into every layer of the internal brand message to enhance top-down buy-in

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