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February 27, 2014
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Unicom will host its Application Lifestyle Managment conference on February 27 in London. For more information visit

According to Unicom:

This event aims to help you to more effectively manage your ALM to in today’s dynamic technological and business environments. We take a look at how traditional ALM is being affected by the ever increasing presence of mobile devices and the cloud, how agility in ALM is now paramount to project success and how you can manage the change effectively. We also touch on APM (application portfolio management) and how this links to ALM.

The main topic areas we will be covering (with regards to ALM) consist of:

  • Agility
  • The Cloud
  • Mobile ALM
  • Change Management
  • APM and its links to ALM

Applications never die even when they are unused, they stick around and use up resources unless they are properly managed. Through the effective use of Application Lifecycle Management, we can ensure an organization realizes which applications are running effectively and which need to be changed to ensure they deliver the value of service expected.

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