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February 27, 2014
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Unicom will hold a conference, themed "Business Efficiency Through Process Improvement," on February 27 in London. For more information visit

According to Unicom:

Process improvement consists of a series of actions taken to identify, analyze and improve existing business processes to meet new goals and objectives. Ultimately it is a process to increase the efficiently of a company’s results.

Throughout this event we will discuss:

  • What: improving efficiency by adopting new techniques, making processes lean and simplifying processes
  • Why organizations are focusing on Process Improvement to address their customer needs
  • How the implementation of effective Process Improvement can help your business to succeed – the impact of agile and lean
  • Who it is for: The clients of the organizations are the ultimate beneficiaries of Process Improvement. It improves efficiency leading to the improved quality of the end line product or service; a product or service to best match your customer’s needs.

We will focus in particular on the best ways to manage process improvement in the current business environment, how to adapt to changes, how to improve the speed and efficiency of your processes and finally how process involvement links to organizational development.

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